Believe it or not, the electric blue sparks in the photos above are not some sort of Photoshop magic. They’re actually bioluminescent phytoplankton! 

Taiwanese photographer Will Ho stumbled upon a beach full of the organisms, which emit light when agitated. 

Photographer Perfectly Captures Bioluminescent Plankton

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Trees In Front Of Canvas (by Myoung Ho Lee)

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The Most Sophisticated Flickr Maps We’ve Ever Seen

The Flickr tool in particular contains an enormous wealth of data – photos themselves, their location, the topical tags associated with them – that can be spliced in infinite ways and visualized across time to illustrate individual events like a natural disaster, or specific geographies like the one associated with Occupy protesters. TraceMedia initially launched the project last year in London, but recently updated it to include more than 50 global cities, some with Flickr data going back as far as 2004. You can view any city during a specific window of time, or in an animation over time, while simultaneously plotting multiple tags (like in the London map shown above).


the exhibition on water @SPUR urban center in SF that ended recently. 

More than two-thirds of the Bay Area’s water is imported from outside the region. Today these supplies are regularly threatened by drought, earthquakes, water quality impairments and new regulations on availability and usage — risks that will intensify with future climate change. Meanwhile, our region of 7 million people will add 2 million more by 2040 — growth that will require more water.

Do we have the water we need to support our projected population growth? And what are the most sustainable and reliable ways to supply our future water needs?

continue reading SPUR’s report: Future-Proof Water. Where the Bay Area should get its water in the 21st century. 18.03.13.


RecoveryPark video-log for our field trip out to MSU Biosystems lab and Organic Farm


What an excellent execution of a simple feedback loop. I think a system like this could have a great impact in Austin.

Read more here at Mazzotta’s website The Park Spark Project


West Lake Hills Residence In Texas (via freshome)

I love the interiors in this home!